Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy HALF Birthday, Chunky!

If you cannot guess by the pictures, today was Chunky's HALF birthday! We threw him a little party. He had his first taste of vanilla icing (yes, I totally let my 6 month old stick his hand in a the goopy blue mess of a cake and shove his messy little fingers in his cute little mouth!) and got to open his first presents. He had a blast! I'm guessing he is a little over 16lbs and almost 27inches long. He doesn't seem to be gaining too much weight lately, but I'll find out at his 6-month doctor's appointment soon. He is definitely growing and changing daily! We call him our weeble because he can't quite sit on his bottom.... he weebles and wobbles and then he does fall down. He LOVES toys! He has decided for the past 3 months that he likes to sleep on top of daddy or not sleep at all. He also recently started a little bit of solids - not much and not everyday. He does enjoy his pears, though! He is a total Momma's boy and loves to cuddle.

I cannot believe my little baby Chunky is already half a year old! (and my big boy is already 2!)
Where the heck has the time gone?

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  1. OMG, those pictures are adorable! For my son's 6 month b-day we did something similar, but a tad more simple and he had his first cupcake tasting. All babies need to try cake at 6 months :-)