Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Interview #5

- medium-sized program with strong focus on general pediatrics
- plan for new duty hours changes with "practice" before July - night float (4 nights working, 3 days completely off, 4 nights working, 2 days completely off and then transition back to days - unsure of how many "sessions" of this will be required during 1st year)
- lots of devoted time in outpatient setting
- fun, hilarious program coordinator
- extremely nice, sweet residents - quite a few are married with kids
- program director very supportive of families (wanted to know all about the boys, husband and even asked me if I needed a breastmilk pumping break)
- less ER and more "walk-in" type clinic rotations
- excellent Developmental pediatrician
- best food. I love Mexican food.
- lots of new affordable neighborhoods in the area
- comfortable atmosphere

- far from family (if you haven't noticed this is a recurring con in almost all of my posts)
- WebCT/Blackboard/whatever its called for required learning modules
- almost entirely Spanish speaking population for continuity clinics. I don't speak Spanish...
- older facilities and split work time between two campuses (mostly at one so probably not too big of an issue)

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