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Disney Day #2: Ohana and Magic Kingdom

We started off the day with an early breakfast reservation at Ohana at the Polynesian Resort. We left the hotel around 7am. Chunky didn't like that at all. He isn't much of a sleeper, but he is not a morning person. Monkey was all smiles for his breakfast with Lilo & Stitch, Mickey and Pluto. 

Lilo REALLY liked babies - she must have spent 5 minutes trying to get Colin to stop screaming and let her hold him. She eventually succeeded.
Monkey was soooo excited - he couldn't stop grinning the whole time Mickey was at our table. (Pardon the food on the face!)
Mickey waffles! Monkey liked ripping off their ears. I'm not sure he ate anything except 2 plates full of grapes, but the waffles sure were cute!
Monkey loved his lei - he thought it was the coolest "neckass" ever.
He loved the lei so much that he ended up wearing mine, too.

The breakfast was really cute - but not the best for toddlers wanting more character interaction. The characters only made the rounds at our table once, and Monkey couldn't even see them the rest of the time because of the layout of the restaurant. Monkey doesn't even know who Lilo & Stitch are so that wasn't a big draw for us. The food was pretty good - eggs, bacon, potatoes, biscuits and fruit served family-style in a big skillet placed on the table when you arrive. We were the last people in our section of the restaurant to leave - Chunky had to nurse in the middle of breakfast and Monkey took a year eating his multiple plates of grapes. We didn't feel rushed at all, but our waitress definitely disappeared towards the end of the meal. We had a nice time, but it is not one we will be doing again.

We left the Polynesion Resort and headed straight for Magic Kingdom via ferry boat.

Monkey, of course, loved riding on the boat. We parked his stroller next to one of the main gates so that he could see the water and have a good view of the "sand castle" as we approached. He is convinced that Cinderella's castle is made of sand - he even yells "sand castle" every single time he sees the castle at the beginning of a Disney DVD. We were greeted at the entrance of the park by...

We made a quick stroll down Main Street towards the castle - just in time for the Dream-Along with Mickey stage show in front of the castle. Treybo held Monkey on his shoulders so that he could get a better view, and Monkey "sang" through the entire show. We have no idea what he was singing, but he had a lot of fun doing it.
We made our way to the more kid-friendly areas at the back of the park - Fantasyland and Mickey's Toontown Fair (closing for good in February). We had a mission to ride Dumbo and Prince Charming's Carrousel. The line was non-existent for the carrousel so we took more than a few spins.
Riding the carrousel with Mommy #1

Mommy riding the carrousel

Riding the carrousel with Daddy

Even Chunky rode the carrousel a couple times!

Big boy riding the carrousel all by himself!
After we rode the carrousel to our heart's content (I cannot even remember how many times... but it was a bunch!), we made our way to Dumbo!
Monkey and Daddy way back there!
Chunky had to hang out in his stroller for this ride...
but no worries, he got to "ride" the fake Dumbo with Mommy.
We found Mickey's Philharmagic 3D show and decided to take a breather and watch it - boy, it was fun! Cade loved watching the dancing musical instruments!  He was slightly (totally) terrified when Donald Duck and Simba from the Lion King came a "little" too close due to the 3D.

LOL - silly boy with his 3D glasses!
We headed to "Mickey's house" as Monkey likes to call it - he was ready for the big meeting with the big mouse. He found a toddler-sized playground instead. He must have spent an hour running around the playground before we headed into Mickey's house to meet him.
Monkey loved Pluto's dog house crawl-through. He must have spent an hour crawling through all of the tunnels and out the doors. He even met/hugged a girl he found in there...

Meeting Mickey involves taking a tour of his house and garden then going inside a big tent to wait in line. There are 3 or 4 rooms with Mickey and Minnie in each of them. I'd say the line was no more than 20 minutes each of the times we went through. We saw him 2 or 3 times during the day and a couple times later in the evening. Monkey was a little shy for the first meeting - but did his signature little "dance" to go up to meet Mickey and Minnie. I don't even know how to describe his dance, but when he gets excited he does a little jig with his feet. Chunky was ecstatic when he saw Mickey and Minnie. He went straight for their big black noses. (Sorry for the slobber, Mickey & Minnie...) Chunky got more and more excited to see Mickey each time. He squealed and laughed the whole time. The entire "audience" of other kids with their parents thought he was hilarious.
Chunky trying to jump out of Trey's arms to get to Mickey and Minnie
We played a little while longer at the playground in Mickey's Toontown and visited with Mickey a couple more times until we decided it was time for a break and some food. We had a nice mid-afternoon lunch/dinner at one of the quick service restaurants. Monkey was exhausted by this time and fell fast asleep in his stroller as we roamed around the park looking at all of the sites and Christmas decorations. We took lots of pictures with him sleeping - he is much more cooperative that way.
We had tickets for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party from 7pm-12am - so we were very glad that Monkey had a 2hour nap while Trey and I had some time to enjoy the park for ourselves before the "party" started. Chunky was off and on asleep in his "papoose." Trey wore him almost the entire trip while Monkey rode in our single stroller or walked.

Christmas Mickey & Minnie!
 The Christmas party was really nice. They had free hot chocolate, apple juice and sugar cookies that were handed out at multiple areas around the park - I don't even want to guess how many cookies and juices Cade had that night. There were shows and parades and AMAZING fireworks! All of the characters were out in their Christmas outfits, and we had lots of fun meeting them all. The lines for most of the rides were much shorter than during the day, so we rode the carrousel and Dumbo again and again.
One more ride on Dumbo!

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