Friday, March 11, 2011

Night & Day Randoms

The past few nights I've been working night shift in the Emergency Dept. I never thought I would like emergency medicine, and for most parts of it I was right. I don't like seeing adults. I don't like their 3 pages of medications, uncontrolled diabetes or listening to why someone would rather smoke their lungs away than try to quit. However I do love the quick-paced nature and the shift work. Patients are generally in and out, and the same can be said for the in and out nature of shift work. Because I've been the only student interested in pediatrics on my shifts, I have been able to see all the kids coming into the ED and have skipped quite a few of the adults. I like it much better that way. Most of the kids don't need to be there. Why someone would bring their kiddo to the ED at 3am for a "fever" of 99.9 is beyond me, but it happens.

Chunky is still working on that tooth of his. It is still the tiniest of things, but it looks like his entire bottom gum is swollen and splitting. He took a step this afternoon. He has done it a few times, but it is always a step forward so I don't fall on my face kind of reaction. Today he actually took a step. Then he sat down. He can stand in one position for a very long time. He can dance in place by shaking his booty and bobbing his head without holding on to anything. He can walk with the walker all over the house. He just can't walk. I don't want him to walk. Walking is a sign that he is growing up. I want him to be baby Chunky forever.

Monkey is sick...again. He had a great morning with dad while I got some sleep. He came to wake me up and within 10 minutes, he went from totally cool to the touch to burning up. His temperature was at 102, his little teeth started chattering, and he was miserable. He then spiked a 104 temperature later in the afternoon, but made a miraculous turn around after a dose of ibuprofen. The same ear that had the infection two weeks ago still looks a little red to me when I checked this afternoon. He keeps asking to go to the beach tomorrow. I would rather take him to the beach than to get another antibiotic for his ear. We'll see which place wins.

And because I know you all come here to see pictures of my stunningly clean (i.e. food all over their faces) children and not to read my late night ramblings:

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