Tuesday, April 12, 2011

If you can't tell by my many postings about Spring, I love sunshine! There is something about the warm rays on my face, the smell of sunscreen and the giggles of my little boys that bring me to my happy place. I could sit on the beach for hours and just "be." Trey has to "do" something at the beach such as find shark teeth or fish, but I am just as happy to "be." I think my boys take after me in that regards, they can just "be" at the beach. I've always said if I hadn't gone into medicine I would have been a beach bum. I'm lucky. I get to be a doctor at the beach. Since I've been able to sneak out of the hospital early and the weather has been nice, we've been doing lots of things outdoors.

We've played a lot in the back yard with some of our sand and water toys...
There is something special about a little bit of sand, a few seashells and plastic shovels that make even my impossible to photograph together boys willingly smile for the camera.

Chunky set out to explore the backyard splash pad for the first time. He sauntered over to the edge and quickly realized there were little fountains of water spraying.  He splashed about for a little while before deciding to take a leap of faith (or slippery splash) into the pool part of the splash pad.
Monkey wrestled a giant dolphin (?whale?) and emerged victorious. He slid down the giant sea creature multiple times yelling "I'm okay!" with a sly grin after every fall.

We rode the ferry boat and fed the seagulls...

Daddy may or may not have had part of his cuticle ripped of my a hungry seagull resulting in a small amount of blood loss.
How cool is that! Finally caught a picture of the seagull grabbing the bread out of Trey's hands.

And we played on the beach...

My little beach Monkey relaxing in his chair. The weather wasn't very pretty - really windy, freezing water and tons of seaweed - but we still managed to have fun.
Monkey caught the ladybug flag!

Walk on little Chunky Monkey...

Daddy found a lot of shark teeth for Monkey to examine.

My boys are beach bums like their momma.

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