Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tired and Teething

Chunky hasn't been the happiest of kiddos the past week or two. We went from 2 little bottom teeth to having 4 giants to accompany them. I'm talking these teeth are huge! I think they are as big as mine, and I have big teeth (and a big mouth). He was not a fan of the process, but he sure does look cute making his "pouty" face. It's the face he makes whenever he wants something or you tell him to make mean eyes.

 And just to show you that the teething process wasn't all terrible...

 He is still a pretty happy boy even if the teeth are monsters!

Residency Update: Working in the ISCU (infant special care unit, aka NICU) is pretty exhausting. I've only worked a few days, but the hours are pretty brutal and you don't have a lot of "down" time where you can sit and decompress. There is always something to do. In some ways I like it. In some ways I am totally terrified of working with the itty bitty babies. I like the 7 pound variety much better. I am learning a lot and enjoy seeing the progression of tiny, sick babies to healthy chubby ones. I just wish I could see my own chubby babies at home a little bit more.

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