Saturday, October 1, 2011


I know, it has been forever since I posted an update. I'm still working on the balance between home life and work life. I think I've discovered that there won't be a balance all the time. Some months I'll have a ton of time to spend with the boys, enjoy my husband and lounge around at home (ya, right!) and some months I just won't. The past 6 weeks have been the "just won't" sort of months. I finished up my first 4 weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit - whew! - and am now working on the inpatient service. I didn't hate NICU as much as I thought I would, and I don't dislike inpatient as much as I lead others to believe. Neither of them are my "Thing," but they are tolerable. I've missed my boys.

Trey and the boys have been amazing. I get lots of cuddles from my boys when I'm home, dinner cooked and waiting on me when I walk in (some nights) and a few hours of sleep when Trey takes the boys out on an adventure.

Have I mentioned how cute my boys are lately? Because they are... I know a lot of people thought we were slightly crazy to have 2 kids within 18 months during medical school, but I'm so glad we are a little bit insane.

Because even when my schedule is all kinds of crazy, I know they have each other forever...

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