Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spenco Medical Company: Yumi Sandal Review

Anyone who really knows me well can tell you that I am a flip flop kind of girl. It does not matter what the weather is like, rain or shine, you will always find me wearing my flip flops when I am away from the hospital.  With that being said, I jumped at the opportunity to do a review for Spenco to talk about their sandals. Being around the medical community I knew that the Spenco Medical Company was well known for their foot care insoles and various health care items. I knew very little about their sandals and was excited to compare them to my current sandal stash.

Monkey modeling my Yumi sandals! I would model them... but I haven't had a pedicure in ages! His feet are way cuter than mine!

According to the Spenco Company's Website,
The Spenco PolySorb Total Support Sandals combine the support and stability of their best-selling insole with the comfort and simplicity of a slip-on sandal. The sandals are great for after sports, training, or just kicking back and relaxing both indoors and out. Unlike other slip-on sandals, Spenco Sandals are designed with orthotic-quality arch and heel support. They provide superior impact cushioning and motion control help reduce pronation and supination—common problems associated with flat, slab-style sandals.

The Total Support Cushioning System Absorbs shock and helps prevents over pronation while the EVA surface custom molds over time to conform to the unique shape of the wearer’s feet. The Stability Cradle provides advance arch support and deep heel cupping and the Metatarsal Arch Support offloads pressure from the ball of foot help relieve forefoot pain.

My current flat flip flops, while more comfortable than my work shoes or running shoes, always left my feet feeling sore and tired (and throw in a little back pain, too.) I just assumed that all shoes would leave my feet aching if I wore them long enough. I was curious to see how I would feel about Spenco sandals having the arch support and a heel cup. I did not have to wear them very long to form my opinion. I can tell you without a doubt that these are quite possibly the most comfortable sandals I have slipped on my feet. I did not know how nice it would be having the support in my sandals. My feet felt less tired and I didn't seem to mind standing for long periods of time in the new Spenco Sandals. Even the straps are very comfortable. I have worn them for a while now -- to the park, zoo, aquarium, and even the beach and have not developed any blisters or sore spots. It took a few wears for me to get used to have the foot support arch, but now it is a lifesaver. They are very well constructed and can withstand my 3 year old jumping on my feet (sandals held up well, my feet -- not so much.) I've found myself turning to my black Spenco Yumi sandals more and more as the weather starts to warm a little bit.

Spenco Sandals come in three different styles with a couple color choices for each style. They are available for both men and women, and you can purchase Spenco sandals from one of their authorized online retailers or you can find a store near you. At a price of $39.99 they are well worth every penny In fact, on a recent trip to our Academy Sports and Outdoors store I saw a display of Spenco Sandals and bought a pair for my husband. Needless to say I often find him wearing his Spenco sandals when we head out for a family trip.

Disclaimer: We were sent a pair of Black Yumi sandals for review purposes. No other monetary compensation was given. All opinions are our own and may differ from yours.


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  2. great review.. thanks for stopping by my blog... gotta tell u tho the pics aren't showing..

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