Friday, March 23, 2012

Step2 Adjustable Sand & Water Table Review

Ready to help out with assembly!

Chunky and Monkey were thrilled to receive a Step2 Adjustable Sand & Water Table for them to review. With the beautiful weather we have been having lately, we went straight to the backyard to begin assembly. As all the parts were being spread across the yard, I was relieved to see that the only tool required for assembly was a Phillips screwdriver. The feature that I found to be neat was the "grow with me legs" that will allow the table to be raised 4 inches. This feature allows you to assemble the table at its lowest setting for younger children and raise the table to the higher setting as they grow. If Chunky would have been the only one using the table we would have probably assembled the table for the lower setting. Since Monkey wanted to be included in the fun it was easier for both my boys to go with the higher setting. With the boys help I simply screwed in two screws in each leg and assembly was complete.

Monkey using his Step2 Home Depot Big Builders Workshop drill to "screw in the legs."

After a quick change into their bathing suits Chunky and Monkey were back outside and ready to go. There are two separate compartments on the play table, one for sand and one for water. The sand compartment will hold 10 pounds of sand and comes with a shovel included for digging and building. The water side will hold 3 gallons of water and includes two floating boats, two bridges, and two cups with holes in the bottom that will keep your kids entertained for a long time. There is also an umbrella included for use in the stand on the table to help keep your child from getting sunburned from playing in the sun.

Chunky playing with the boats and Monkey building sand castles.

Monkey combining the sand and water.
After filling up the two compartments the boys were ready for some fun! The only problem with my boys is that they will often get carried away and have a little too much fun. With the sand and water side by side the temptation was too great not to combine the two. The boys ended up flooding the sand side making a "mud pit." Even though the play table is not designed for this combination, my boys ended up having a blast and played with the sand and water table for over an hour that first day. I was a little worried about the cleanup but it was actually a breeze. There are two drain plugs, one in each compartment.  The plugs are large enough to easily drain the compartment in under a minute without getting clogged or stopping up.

If you prefer to leave the sand and water inside the table, Step2 has included a molded cover with elastic tie-downs for easy storage. The cover fits great and the tie-downs keep the lid secure to stop rain and bugs from getting inside the play table. Step2 thought of everything when designing the table.

Filling the table with water. Chunky made sure the plugs were in.
After seeing what my boys did the first day I decided to let the boys fill both compartments with water this time. The results were the same. The boys had a blast splashing water everywhere. They were even kind enough to give me a little bath while trying to take their pictures.

Monkey decided to splash Daddy as well.
Water War!

Want an awesome Step2 Sand & Water Table for your little splashers? Check them out at or you can grab one at your local Wal-mart or Target stores. 

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Disclaimer: I was sent a Step2 Adjustable Sand & Water for review purposes. No other compensation was given. These are my honest opinions and may differ from yours.

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