Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Seven: March 1- 4th

Last year my wife set a goal to take at least one picture every day for a full year to chronicle a year of our boys' lives. She was in the transition between medical school and residency at the time, so she was off and had the opportunity to work on her project. She was doing a great job and took pictures every single day until she had to return to work. Then the responsibility of taking pictures fell on my shoulders. I managed to keep up for a little over a month, and then I slipped up and missed a day. I can't even begin to tell you how disappointed and upset this made my wife. I really felt like I let her down and the project soon disappeared.

To surprise my wife and to try to make up for my failure last year, I have decided to try to revive this project for her. With her working long hours just about every single day, I know I will be responsible for all the pictures. I really hope that I do not let her down again. I have decided to start my quest on March 1st just to make it easier for me to keep up with the start date. So instead of seven photos this week, I will only post four. Wish me luck because I have a feeling I will need it to help me complete this online photo journal.

March 1st : Just grabbing a bite to eat. Love my Toy Story 2 Thermos FUNtainer.
March 2nd : I caught the boys loving on each other on the couch.
March 3rd : Went to visit Poppa and he gave Chunky "Big Money!"

March 4th : Monkey cruising on his new Kickboard USA Mini Scooter.


  1. They are super cute. I always appreciate a blog that isn't short on pictures!

  2. What a sweet project! I’m so guilty of not taking enough pictures. Here’s hoping that you can keep it up this time!

  3. Its really cute. I am here to see some results for the mini kick scooter. I like the mini kick scooter in blue color. Please share some more pics for this mini kick scooter.

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