Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monkey bandaged up in gauze giving me his best sad face.
I like to play a good joke when given the opportunity. Every year I look forward April 1st to try to outdo my April Fools from the previous year. Last year I dressed Chunky up in Monkey's old "I'm going to be a big brother!!!" shirt and told everyone we were having another baby. I received responses from people saying everything from congratulations to asking if my wife and I are crazy. This year I decided to bandage Monkey up and tell everyone that he had an accident this morning. With the help of gauze and a little ketchup I was able to pull off a pretty good April Fool's. I was able to fool just about everyone I told.

Here is the text message I sent everyone attached to the picture above.

"Monkey was running around the house and tripped over a toy and hit his head on the coffee table. Just got home from a quick trip to the ER. 41 stitches later we are all good except he keeps saying he has a headache :( "

I tried to give everyone a clue this was an April Fool's. 41 stitches... 4/1... April 1st.  I guess they were all too busy looking at the picture and worrying about Monkey to think about today's date. The best response after telling everyone this was an April Fool's came from my dad calling me an A-Hole. LOL   Hope I didn't go a little overboard this year. What do you think? Would I have fooled you?

I would love for you to share your April Fool's tricks with me. Leave me a comment and let me know what you did.

Stay At Home Dad


  1. Scared me when I first saw the picture!! lol
    We don't go big, but my daughter (she's 6) loves to hide little creepy toy bugs around the house for her dad and older brother to find (and hopefully get scared). They haven't found any of the ones we hid yet (most in the kitchen), but hopefully they will play along when they do.

  2. You got me too! I was afraid he had lost an ear. No jokes this year but my best one was when I set the clock ahead 3 hours and the alarm was mis-set so my husband would think he was late. He actually got up raced around like a madman and got dressed for work. When he was leaving and it was dark...he caught on.

  3. Was a bit alarmed when I first saw it, must confess - on the whole don't do April Fools - usually forget about them until it's too late and being a Sunday this year, there were not as many chances of being caught out as in a week-day! So glad the "patient" has recovered: he's a good little actor!