Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Substitute Pacifier?!?!

Lately Chunky has been eating and sleeping A LOT! I can't seem to feed him enough. When he is not stuffing his face with food I can usually find him curled up on a couch sleeping. He has to be going through a two year old growth spurt right now. On our way home from gymnastics today I stopped by our favorite "restaurant" to treat the boys to a Happy Meal. Like I always do, I dumped the nuggets and fries in the Happy Meal box so the boys could eat their meal while I finish driving home. I guess Chunky was a little tired from an exciting day watching Bubba do gymnastics. He either fell asleep in the middle of eating a nugget or decided to use the nugget as a substitute pacifier. Either way this is how I found him when I pulled in the driveway.

Chunky buckled up sleeping in his car seat with a nugget in his mouth.

Close up of his substitute pacifier.

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  1. cute pics lol - Little guy must have been tired to fall asleep with a nugget in his mouth :)

    Danielle with Laundry Care