Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunday Seven April 9th - April 15th

April 9th : Monkey discovered he could climb the tree in the front yard.

April 10th : Chunky emptied all the toys from the toy box so he could climb inside.

April 11th : Monkey decided to take Chunky for a ride on his two seat bike.

April 12th : Chunky decided to wear this shirt for Nanny Malaina who was hit in the head with a softball bat and had to go get some stitches.

April 13th : Boys splashing and swimming in the bath tub making a huge mess.

April 14th : Chunky at the park going down the slide wearing his new hat that Gammy bought him.

April 15th : Chunky wearing his PJ's and giving me a big smile right before bed.


  1. That bike is so awesome.. Can I ask where you got it?

    1. The boys great grandparents bought the bike for them. It isn't cheap though. It is from Morgan Cycles. You have to buy the bike ( ) and the added seat ( )to turn it into a two seat bike.