Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chunky's Birthday Fish...The One That Got Away

We were fortunate enough to spend a couple days at the beach last week for Chunky's birthday. On his actual birthday we decided that we would spend most of the day at the beach letting the boys splash around in the waves and ride their new boogie boards. Seeing that we would be down on the beach most of the day, I saw this as a great opportunity to get a line in the water to try and catch a fish. When fishing from the beach I will drive a steel post with a rod holder attached to it in the ground so that way I can place my fishing rod in the holder and walk away to spend time playing with the boys. After catching some bait I put out two lines then waited to see if anything would swim along and take the bait. While I waited I headed back to the water to try and catch some more bait. As I was treading out into the water, a huge fish decided to take the bait. The fish pulled so hard that it actually lifted the fishing pole out of the rod holder and started to pull everything into the water. I yelled to Monica, who was back on the beach, just in time for her to run after my fishing rod and catch it for me as it was going in the water. She picked it up and held on for dear life until I was able to reach her. I could tell right away it was a big fish, and after a 10 or 15 minute battle I was able to land the fish. The fish turned out to be about a 40 inch redfish that probably weighed close to 30-35 pounds.

Chunky standing next to the rod holder checking the line waiting for a fish to bite.

Chunky didn't know what to think of the fish since it was bigger than him.

Chunky finally came close to the fish after I told him it wouldn't eat him.

Monkey came over to get in the picture, and Chunky got the courage to touch the redfish.

After snapping a couple quick pictures of the fish with the boys I returned it to the water. I spent a couple minutes helping the fish regain its strength and then we all watched as it swam away. As Monkey would later say to our family... the fish was "The one that got away."


P.S. Monica's addendum: Monkey was so sad that Daddy hurt the fish (he saw the hook) that he cried. He didn't want to let the fish go because he thought it was hurt, and none of the other fish would take care of him. 

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