Sunday, July 8, 2012

Updated Fisher-Price Giggle Gang Review and Giveaway!!!

All six of the Fisher-Price Giggle Gang available for purchase.

Don't you just love the sound of a child laughing and giggling? I know that I love it when my boys laugh and giggle. Fisher-Price has created a new plush toy that will keep your infant or young child entertained and giggling for hours. Their new Giggle Gang toys are soft, adorable little characters that respond by giggling to a baby's squeeze or shake. This makes a great way to introduce or teach your child about the cause-effect relationship.

Rolling on the ground laughing with the Giggle Gang!

There are six characters to choose from: Pinky, Fuzzy, Curly, Goldie, Kiwi, and Terry. The Giggle Gang characters have bright colors and patterns along with different textures to help promote sensory skills. Each character even has its own distinctive giggle so your child will love to laugh and play with them all.

Even big brother loves the Giggle Gang.

Chunky and Monkey were excited when they first discovered the new Giggle Gang toys that were sent to them in the mail. They started to squeal and giggle like little girls before I could even take them out of the box. The Giggle Gang toys looked absolutely adorable but I saw on the package that they are recommended for ages 6+ months and was a little worried that the boys might be too old to really enjoy playing with them.  I handed each of them a Giggle Gang character and sat back to watch to see how they would react. It didn't take long for my boys to figure out that if you press or shake their tummy that they will start to giggle. Within minutes both boys were rolling around on the ground giggling and laughing their little heads off playing with their new "friends." (Giggle Gang toys require 2 AA batteries but they come included so the toy is ready to go.) Although Monkey who is three and a half years old has lost interest in the Giggle Gang lately, Chunky at two years old is still playing with the Giggle Gang characters almost daily. He even likes to try to sneak them into his bed each night as I tuck him in to sleep.

Pushing on the Giggle Gang to make it laugh some more!

There are a couple features that I love about the Giggle Gang. I love that there are two volume settings for the Giggle Gang characters. Even though the loudest setting is really not that loud at all I like that I have the option of turning them down. You can even turn off the volume completely if you want but that kind of defeats the whole purpose of the Giggle Gang characters if you ask me. I also love that the battery pack is removable so that the toy can be machine washed if needed. This feature is really perfect for parents with younger infants who may spit up or slobber all over the toy. Knowing my boys it wont be long before they spill a drink or get food on their Giggle Gang members. If they do I can remove the battery pack and simply throw them in the washing machine.

Giggle Gang toys would be perfect to give as gifts for a child's first birthday or any other occasion. At a price of only $12.99 they are affordable enough to collect them all!  I know that my boys love playing with the Giggle Gang characters and I really recommend them for any child two years old or younger.

Now for the great part! I have been allowed to give away a Giggle Gang character to one Chunky and Monkey, MD follower. All you have to do is use the Rafflecopter entry form below. Good Luck!

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Disclaimer: We were sent two members of the Fisher-Price Giggle Gang for review purposes. No other monetary compensation was given. All opinions are our own and may differ from yours.


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